What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

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What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

Each time I introduce myself as a Virtual Assistant (VA), I note a blank look and a raised eyebrow, awaiting a further explanation of exactly what this means.

Despite this lack of awareness, surprisingly, there are over 3,500 Virtual Assistants in the UK working for more than 13,000 small businesses.

One upside of the pandemic is that it kicked off an overnight shift in the mindset, understanding, and acceptance towards people working from home, remote working and virtual collaboration via Zoom, Teams and the like. This refreshed perspective further supports the rise of the Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant is a highly-skilled, experienced, independent professional who works remotely to provide administrative services and support. Working in the same way as a freelancer or contractor, a Virtual Assistant may have numerous clients.

Similar to the traditional Personal Assistant role, a Virtual Assistant provides personal support and is your right-hand ‘person’. However, rather than being with you in person, a Virtual Assistant works for you remotely.

What can a Virtual Assistant do?
Anything that a normal Personal Assistant would do and more!

Through Lime Pi, I am able to offer the wealth of 20 years of professional experience in event and project management within the event and hospitality industries. I’ve found that attention to detail, initiative, problem-solving, administration, project management and deadlines are incredibly transferable and desirable skills, which has enabled me to add Virtual Assistant services to my portfolio.

As small business owners, we may not always know exactly what it is that we need. My fluid and agile approach, together with my background, has given me a sharp focus on clients and their customers’ needs.

See the services that I offer through Lime Pi here.

What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant has numerous benefits over committing to an employee.

Once you’ve made the decision that you need support, why wait? Delays caused by the recruitment process and notice periods can be frustrating. A Virtual Assistant can get to work immediately, cracking through your to-do list before a new employee has even completed their notice period.

A Virtual Assistant offers flexibility – you can ‘buy’ ad hoc hours as required or retainer packages from just 10 hours a month, with the flexibility to roll hours from one month to the next.

You may be surprised to learn that working with a Virtual Assistant can be cost-effective – you only pay for the time taken to complete a task, no breaks, holiday pay or benefits and no need to provide the space, desk, laptop or phone.

As a business owner myself, I understand what goes into building your own business – you’ve nurtured it this far. I will treat your business with care, as if it were my own.

Who could use a Virtual Assistant?
Anyone! Virtual Assistants offer support both on a business and a personal level. You might be a small business or entrepreneur that is making a great impact and enjoying some great successes, but with that comes more pressure and less time.

Your to-do list is running out of control and each day just rolls into the next. You’re struggling to see the wood for the trees, risk missing opportunities, and it’s only a matter of time before you drop a ball.

Where is the work-life balance? Working for yourself wasn’t meant to be this way.

Something’s just got to give. You’re simply not reaching your potential.

With my support, we can break down that to-do list. I can take on project management, and/or the labour-intensive admin tasks that you love to hate, leaving you with more time for the core business tasks you envisaged doing. You will be more organised, feel less overwhelmed and be more in control.

When you hire me as your Virtual Assistant you will be able to utilise your time more effectively, work smarter and regain control, so you can focus on your priorities; be that business development or creating a better work-life balance – live the life that you deserve!

Feel more organised, less overwhelmed and more in control.

About Lime Pi

Providing small business owners, professionals, contractors, entrepreneurs, authors and creatives with efficient admin support, enabling them to utilise their time more effectively.

Our mission is to enable you to work smarter, regain control and focus on your priorities; be that business development or creating a better work-life balance, by providing efficient, professional, administration and business support with initiative.

Get in touch : hello@lime-pi.com

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