5 Signs that it’s time to outsource a VA

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5 Signs that it’s time to outsource a VA

If any of the following questions ring an uncomfortable note of truth deep down, you and your business may need a helping hand, and a Virtual Assistant could be just the tonic…

1. Struggling to find a healthy work-life balance?

Working all hours?
Burning the midnight oil?
Not making time to look after yourself and your loved ones?

I know what it feels like when something’s just got to give, when you’re simply not reaching your potential, struggling to sleep at night, and feel like nothing and no one around you is getting the attention they deserve.

What work-life balance? Working for yourself wasn’t meant to be this way.

Something’s just got to give. You’re simply not reaching your potential.

2. Missing business opportunities?

Your email inbox is out of control and totally overwhelming!

How do you even start to sort to wheat from the chaff, to fish out actual enquiries and client emails amongst it all?

When did you last pick up your voicemails?

It’s easy for entrepreneurs and contractors to fall victim of their own success. With few, if any support staff, you’re stretched too thin, at full capacity and feel like you’re working 24/7.

You’re struggling to see the wood for the trees, risk missing potential business opportunities, and it’s only a matter of time before you drop a ball.

3. Ever expanding to-do list?

If you’re even still keeping track!

Or, are you running multiple lists in an attempt to keep each list less overwhelming?

Keep putting mundane tasks or jobs you love to hate to the bottom of your to-do list?

Your to-do list is spiraling out of control and each day just rolls into the next.

4. Lost track of prioritisation?

Has your prioritisation strategy come down to:

• Who shouts louder?
• What could put a halt to your business?
• What is about to bite you on the behind?

Do you spend every day fire fighting?

Does the old faithful technique of prioritising tasks into:

• urgent
• important
• urgent and important

see everything falling into the latter?

5. When do you have time to actually keep the business running?

Whilst you might be reveling in an impressive order book or appointments, there’s a lot of day to day tasks that go hand in hand with owning your own business.

Not least, raising and chasing invoices, ordering goods, keeping an eye on cash flow, and keeping your books and accountant up to date and happy.

With tasks done little and often, looming milestones like month end, year end, annual corporation tax and self-assessment deadlines will no longer feel so overwhelming.

A Virtual Assistant could be just the tonic…

With support from Lime Pi, we can break down that to-do list.

I can take on project management, and/or the labour intensive admin tasks that you love to hate, leaving you with more time for the core business tasks you envisaged doing.

You will be more organised, feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

Never hired a Virtual Assistant before?

Here’s a few reasons that you should:

  • Time – Skilled support that can hit the ground running vs. training and onboarding new staff.
  • Cost effective – Pay for hours worked only vs. employing someone on PAYE with holiday pay, benefits, equipment costs and potential recruitment or agency fees.
  • Quickly deployed – No need to set up NI, PAYE or benefits, and a VA will provide and maintain their own equipment.
  • Quality – Highly skilled, experienced, professional, confidential support that will treat your business as their own.
  • Increased productivity – Enabling you to focus your time and skills on ‘high-value’ tasks and business development.
  • Flexibility – You can ‘buy’ hours as required, I offer both ad hoc hours, or retainer packages with varying blocks of hours per month from just 10 hours a month.

About Lime Pi

Providing small business owners, professionals, contractors, entrepreneurs, authors and creatives with efficient admin support, enabling them to utilise their time more effectively.

Our mission is to enable you to work smarter, regain control and focus on your priorities; be that business development or creating a better work-life balance, by providing efficient, professional, administration and business support with initiative.

Get in touch : hello@lime-pi.com

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Your search for reliable business support is now over

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